Australia’s Cardia Patents Its Bioplastic Technology

Obtaining patents on its technology is helping an Australian manufacturer of compostable and biodegradable plastic resins becoming a leading player in the global environmentally sustainable packaging industry. Melbourne-based, publicly listed Cardia Bioplastics has just added another seven protection patents to its development procedures and

Engel Celebrates 25 Year Partnership with SKS

Engel, the Schwertberg, Austria-based manufacturer of injection moulding machines, has celebrated 25 years of close partnership with Laupen, Switzerland-based SKS. SKS specialises in high-precision small components, such as gears, made of high-performance materials. Dr Peter Neumann, CEO of Engel, thanked the two entrepreneurs Karl

Houston Mid-Market CEOs Optimistic about Future Growth Prospects

Three CEOs from regional mid-sized businesses – Jeff Applegate, CEO of Texas Injection Molding,Kenneth Guidry, President of Pannell Kerr Foster of Texas, and Steve Mechler, President, Balfour Beatty Construction, Houston’s Division – joined the panel discussion to share their firsthand insights. All three CEOs were optimistic about the outlook

Ultrasion Debuts Micro Molding Process

Barcelona-based Ultrasion has developed a micro-molding process, based on the use of ultrasonics as the agent of polymer melting. The process, which uses no barrel or screw, is designed specifically for the manufacture of small and precise plastic parts. Ultrasonic waves are used to