Nissei Offers Technological Solutions to Daily Molding Challenges


Japanese injection molding machine builder Nissei Plastic Industrial is bringing six injection molding machines to NPE (at booth W1529) including its latest electric, hybrid, and vertical offerings to demonstrate it capabilities in delivering deliver technological solutions to daily challenges for “molding processes and high-value-added production.” Nissei will exhibit under the theme of Plus New Idea: Paving the Way for Future Injection Molding Technologies.

Among machines on show are the NPX7 Advance compact hybrid injection molding machine. On debut at NPE, the NPX7 Advance with a 69kN (7.7 US ton) clamping force can mold micro parts weighing below 1 gram. Equipped with a groundbreaking 12-mm inline screw, the NPX7 Advance reportedly realizes repeatable molding of micro parts. The machine is also equipped with a Nissei-original material feeding device called the Smart Feeder (sold separately) to prevent insufficient resin feeding and stabilize melting/plasticizing of resin. At NPE, Nissei will demonstrate molding of micro medical suturing instrument parts from polypropylene.

As is the case with the booming automotive industry, the medical device industry has been exhibiting steady growth in the US market according to Nissei, and there is a high demand for micro molding machines for processing micro high-precision parts. Nissei reportedly possesses a market share in excess of 65% for 1-19-ton precision injection molding machines in Japan (as of 2013). These machines are widely used for the molding of micro precision parts in many industries, such as automotive, electronics, and medical.

The most distinctive feature of the NPX7 Advance is said to be its innovative super energy-efficient hybrid X-Pump system, which saves about 40% in power consumption compared with hydraulic types. The system also delivers rapid injection ramp up response and wide-ranging injection performance from low through to high speed range.

The clamping unit employed is a direct hydraulic type with linear guides on the die plate. Since this mechanism opens and closes the mold with stable clamping force, force is transmitted evenly to the mold. Low-pressure clamping precision is also high, realizing a stable precision molding process.

The NPX7 Advance is outfitted with the TACT IV high-end controller, featuring a larger screen that displays two windows, convenient & easy-to-use advanced software, and a newly designed operation panel, reportedly offering improved workability and operability. An improved monitoring function for quality control and production management, meanwhile features provides traceable production data for the molded products.

Other machines from Nissei that will be on show at NPE include the FNX360IIIA-100A hybrid injection molding machine (397 US ton) that will demonstrate low-pressure molding of low-residual stress precision lenses using the N-SAPLI low-pressure molding system and the NEX110III-18E electric machine (121 US ton) that will be molding medical parts in a 32-cavity tool in a fast cycle time.

Furthermore, Nissei’s hybrid vertical injection molding machine on show at NPE, the TNX75R9V (85 US ton), will demonstrate two-cavity insert molding of pocket mirrors. The NEX180III-5ELMN with IU5A, meanwhile, is a 198-US ton electric injection molding machine for liquid silicone rubber (LSR) that will demonstrate multi-shot molding of magnifiers using three materials (two types of LSR with different hardness and a rigid polyamide (PA) 66 compound).

Finally, in the packaging field, the NEX220III-50ETN 242-US ton electric machine will be carrying out fast cycle molding of thin-wall multi-layer beverage containers.