German Injection Molding Companies Metz-Werke and Inotech to collaborate

Bavaria, Germany-based injection moulding companies Metz-Werke and Inotech Kunststofftechnik have announced that they have joined forces to bring their clients a larger range of services.

Inotech states it currently has injection moulding machines that range between 100 and 10,000 kN clamping force for 1 component injection moulding and up to 4,000 kN for 2 component injection moulding, whereas Metz uses large machinery of up to 27,000 kN clamping force.

Speaking to EPN Harald Kausler from Inotech said: “Both companies are cooperating, but [will] stay separate.”

Kausler states that the aim of the deal is to be able to support clients by offering a full range of services.

Reinhard Neumüller, a spokesman for Metz-Werke, told EPN that the deal will help cut costs: “Our customers [will] have only one partner for a complete system and we can reduce internal costs (for packaging, transport and inspection).”

Metz currently produces products at their facility in Zindof, Bavaria. Inotech’s headquarters are in Nabburg, Bavaria with the company also owning facilities in Tachov, Czech Republic and by the end of 2014 in Kostinbrod, Bulgaria.