New mold components make life easier for molders


MHS Mold Hotrunner Solutions Inc. introduced a versatile and cost effective new line of hot runners for standard injection molding applications. Quick-Start manifold systems are pre-engineered with a focus on reliability, part quality, fast delivery, and a great cost performance, according to MHS. The new product family is specifically designed to complement the company’s flagship, custom engineered Rheo-Pro series hot runners.

“This is not a one size fits all business,” said Kay Thielen, engineering manager at MHS. “MHS is committed to delivering engineering excellence to customers in all markets. Our Quick-Start and Rheo-Pro programs combined offer exceptional value and performance for a complete range of hot runner applications, from advanced solutions to common molding projects that require only a simple yet reliable approach.”

Quick-Start manifold systems come in a wide selection of pre-designed configurations that feature the same high performance components found in custom engineered Rheo-Pro hot runners, like MHS’ patented, front-removable nozzle heaters. There are many standard combinations available to choose from, for a large variety of common mold layouts. These designs have been optimized for ease of operation and maintenance in all markets. Every MHS hot runner system is 100% made in North America, from where it ships fully assembled and tested for fast, convenient mold integration. All Quick-Start and Rheo-Pro products are covered by MHS’ warranty.

Die-Sep Mold Water Leak Tester

Die-Sep’s Mold Water Leak Tester Model MWLT 212 is designed to test an entire mold for leaks using its mold water manifold flow line or 1-12 of the mold’s circuits using individual circuit valves. The unit is built with a 25-gallon water reservoir, a 3-gallon per minute/45 psi water pump and can be pressurized to 125 psi using shop air. In addition to pressurizing the system, plant air can also be used to blow the water circuits clear of water, said Die-Sep, a division of CLM Marketing Inc.

This model includes a water filter in the return line, check valve on the air line to prevent water backup, flow indicator, pressure gauge and digital flow meter. A thermometer can be ordered for temperature to calculate the Reynolds number. The unit is designed to run with water near room temperature and not be used with water over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hose storage is provided when the plant installs male disconnect fittings and nuts of their choice to the pre-drilled holes in the top of the unit. The reservoir is filled through a large cap. Model MWLT 212 is approximately 32 (including handle) x 25 x 78 inches tall. Large casters (two locking) allow the tester to be pushed around the tool room easily. A fork pocket is also provided to move the unit longer distances with a fork truck.

Model MWLT 212 has been well thought out and designed to be flexible for all tool rooms, noted Die-Sep. In order to custom fit each water leak tester to each tool room, the tool room will add their own Quick disconnect fittings and Cam lock fittings. Fittings to be provided by the tool room are: 24 (1/4″ MNPT) male fittings and for hose storage, 24 (1/4″ MNPT) male fittings for water circuits and 2 (1/2″ MNPT) Cam lock fittings. The tool room will also supply hoses.

Die-Sep also makes a mold separator and tipper that are marketed under the brand name Die-Sep, and are custom built to open, tip and close any size mold and can handle both conventional molds and stack molds. Magnets mount the mold and hydraulics open, tip and close it.

DMS introduces Metal Rust Guard

Moldmakers and molders looking for a new way to prevent rust on their molds or mold components might want to try Metal Rust Guard, recently introduced to the mold industry at the SPI Mike Koebel Moldmakers Trade Fair, Plastimagen (Mexico City), and at Euromold (Nov. 25-28). This is a new and unique way to prevent rust on metal components and molds. Metal Rust Guard is made of a non-woven polypropylene material bonded on both sides with a specially formulated wax paraffin barrier. The material comes on rolls ranging from 4.5″ wide to 36″ wide and up to 150′ long.

The material can be cut to size, then wrapped around the component or the mold, and sealed. Because the material is wax coated, it is hydro-phobic and self-adhesive for a tight seal. For mold makers and molders, the advantage is that you no longer have to smear the mold with gunk and shrink wrap it prior to shipping or storing. Just wrap the mold in the sheet and press the edges to seal it. And there’s no messy cleaning of the mold involved when the mold is ready for use. When you unwrap the mold or mold components, the material can be saved for reuse, so it’s very cost effective and sustainable.

Mike Hicks, North American Sales Manager for DMS, said at the SPI Mike Koebel Moldmakers Trade Fair recently about Metal Rust Guard. Hicks said that currently the product is being sold in other industry sectors including metal fabrication, machine tools, U.S. military, marine applications, aerospace and more. Hicks added that DMS’s goal is to be the North American representative for Metal Rust Guard within the moldmaking and plastics industry.

The product is getting good reception. “Our basic introductory briefing has been met with favorable and positive response including at the SPI Mike Koebel Moldmakers Trade Fair, Plastimagen and Euromold,” said Hicks upon his return from his trade show travels. “The pricing also seems to be favorable which is also important.”