Wittmann expanding capacity for robots


In view of the further increasing demand for its robots and automation solutions, Austrian company Wittmann says it has implemented a two-stage plan for further production capacity.

The first stage of development was completed successfully in mid-May 2015. The move now enables an overall production output of 4,200 robots a year. In the course of this measure, the assembling and startup capacities for small devices in the Hungarian Wittmann production plant in Mosonmagyaróvár was increased. This production plant primarily makes the W808 and W818 robot models that can handle a payload of up to 3 kg or 6 kg respectively. The number of units produced in Hungary more than covers the European market’s demand for these two Wittmann models.

The second stage of development involves the whole-scale enlargement of the robot production at the group’s Vienna headquarters. This work is planned for completion by January 2016. The increase in Viennese production will be matched to an increase in the production capacity of its US assembly facility in Torrington, CT. This will result in an overall annual production output of 4,500 robots to be reached.

Wittmann says its increase in robot production capacity has also been coupled to its recent investment in product innovation and new product development.

For example, after having only recently launched the W8 pro robots – these new robots are now enhanced with new servo-driven rotating additional axes. The new servo modules for the W8 pro series are said to feature an ergonomic and space-saving design. They can also be ideally positioned within striking distance of the main servo drives.