Eco Molding Aims to Be the Largest Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturer in China


Eco Molding Co., Ltd., a China based manufacturer of plastic injection molding, recently published a special bulletin which contained the company’s key objectives. The company already prides itself in being a trusted plastic molding service provider in China. However, as the overseas market for is gradually expanding, the owners of the firm decided to increase their strength and presence in the Chinese local market as well. According to the owners, their manufactured public molds are now widely in use across various industry segments including automotive, electronics, home appliances. The company also specializes in manufacturing industry-grade OEM applications. Riding on the continuous growth, Ecomolding Co., Ltd. now aims to become the biggest plastic molding manufacturing company in China.

According to the owners, their 2000 square meter factory in Guandong province of China has a state-of-the-art infrastructure and they have a very large workforce at this moment. The company plans further expansion and it has been indicated by the owners that they are bringing more innovation in the manufacturing process to accelerate production and reduce downtime. With strict quality parameters in place, Ecomolding aims to become the biggest brand in the field of plastic injection molding and OEM manufacturing. The CEO of recently met the press in Guandong and he seemed quite optimistic about the further growth and development of the company.

“The key to any company’s growth is its adherence to highest quality standards. Everything else comes second. We blend creativity with technology, adroitness with innovation and professionalism with innovation. However, if there’s one thing that remains constant in the entire manufacturing process, it is adherence to highest quality standards – uncompromising adherence to our own set parameters as well as gold standards in plastic injection molding manufacturing”, said Jackie Lau, the CEO of the plastic injection molding manufacturer at the recently held press conference. “At this moment, we are in a very good position in the overseas market but we want to see more growth in the domestic market as well. 2015 will be a landmark year in our company’s history”, he told the press while signing off.